Jorge Polio Photography

Studio 432 Vibes – Miss Candice Birthday Shoot

Nov 2017

Miss Candice came into my studio with a confidence and a determination that she was going to kill this shoot and she did!

Testimonial blog:

I had been waiting to have pics done for my 35th since I booked (with another photographer – before Jorge) needless to say things kept coming up and my shoot kept getting rescheduled. I had this crazy idea to do an adult birthday theme shoot and Jorge totally embraced it and added his flare!  For any woman nervous or unsure about having these done. DO IT! It’s one of the most empowering things I’ve had done and the images I’ve seen so far are incredible. Jorge makes you legit feel like a Victoria secret model!!

Thank you Jorge for finally making my bday photo shoot dream come true. I will definitely be booking with you again!



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