Hellen and Eric’s Wedding- July 1, 2017 Italy

Venice, Italy

I had the privileged to travel to Venice and Caorle Italy to capture Hellen and Eric’s amazing wedding! Capturing these two was a breeze!

Talk about photogenic!! Loved this day!!

Best of Luck to both!!


Helen and Eric-1Helen and Eric-2Helen and Eric-3Helen and Eric-4Helen and Eric-6Helen and Eric-5Helen and Eric-7Helen and Eric-8Helen and Eric-9Helen and Eric-10Helen and Eric-11Helen and Eric-13Helen and Eric-14Helen and Eric-15Helen and Eric-16Helen and Eric-18Helen and Eric-19Helen and Eric-20Helen and Eric-21Helen and Eric-22Helen and Eric-23Helen and Eric-24Helen and Eric-25Helen and Eric-26Helen and Eric-27Helen and Eric-28Helen and Eric-29Helen and Eric-30Helen and Eric-31Helen and Eric-32Helen and Eric-33Helen and Eric-34Helen and Eric-35Helen and Eric-36Helen and Eric-37Helen and Eric-38Helen and Eric-39Helen and Eric-40Helen and Eric-41Helen and Eric-42Helen and Eric-43Helen and Eric-44Helen and Eric-45Helen and Eric-46Helen and Eric-47Helen and Eric-48Helen and Eric-49Helen and Eric-50Helen and Eric-51Helen and Eric-52Helen and Eric-53Helen and Eric-54Helen and Eric-55Helen and Eric-56Helen and Eric-57Helen and Eric-58Helen and Eric-59Helen and Eric-60Helen and Eric-61Helen and Eric-62Helen and Eric-63

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